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Meet the Hejco team!

Sofia Wackling - Marketing Manager

How do users perceive Hejco?

I think that the first thing that comes to the mind of the persons that are actually wearing Hejco clothes is quality. Hejco has a long story of very high-quality garments and this is something that we are known for. Colors is also something connected to Hejco and I hope that we are also perceived as a reliable and trustworthy brand that cares about the customer and in everything we do.


What is your role as a marketing manager?

I am responsible for the Hejco brand, marketing and e-commerce. Together with our marketing team we make sure that we create good communication, content, campaigns and drive traffic and engagement on all relevant channels. As we are also responsible for e-commerce we focus a lot on creating a good user experience on our website and giving our customers a great experience.


What is your most important task/tasks?

To keep the customer in focus. Everything we do we do with the customer in mind. How can we make things better/easier/smoother/clearer for the user? We want the customers to feel that we at Hejco really care about them!


Marketing vice what does the future hold for Hejco?

We have a very exciting future! Personally, I think the shift that we are in now with the digital transformation and how we people change our ways of searching information and purchase goods is



Fragt 39,- DKK Fri fragt over 750,- DKK Egen sy- og trykafdeling Sikker betaling
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